Founded in the year 1947, by Mr. Dattatraya W. Ranade who was a competent Textile Technocrat in Dyeing and Printing of Fabrics as M/s D.W. Ranade and Co. In coalition with M/s. J.R. Geigy, S.A. Bhasle and Switzerland (consequently M/s. Ciba Geigy Ltd.). He was encompassing variant sectors of Textile Industries such as Handloom, Power loom and Composite mills, in current day Telangana.

Having exemplary and exceptional knowledge in Textile enterprises located in South Maharashtra and North Karnataka, he chose to establish another organisation under the name M/s. D.W. Ranade and Co., in association with Mr. Sham Rao Badamikar for Marketing Dyes and Chemicals in Solapur. In the year 1975, it was decided that Mr. Vijay S. Badamikar, should shift to Hyderabad to assist Mr. Ranade and this was how the new enterprise- M/s. Badamikar and Company, Hyderabad commenced and also pursued the proceedings of the old firm- M/s. D.W. Ranade. Mr. Vijay Badamikar has made remarkable efforts and has done great business in Paper, Paint, Rubber and many more diverse industries. Their major consumers were Small cottage Industries, Handloom and Power loom sectors.


In the year 1990 Indian company M/s. Colourtex Industries Pvt. Ltd., Surat, the largest Manufacturing Company of Dyes for Polyester and Cotton have collaborated with M/s. Badamikar and Co., Hyderabad. Thereafter in the year 2000, a new generation of Badamikar family joined the venture. Mr. Dushyant Badamikar, the present Managing Partner is earnestly involved ever since.

Now the company is entering in to commercializing of Pigment Powders, Emulsions for Textile, Paint, Printing Ink, Rubber Industries and also Water sealants, Construction Chemicals and many others.

Badamikar and Co., Hyderabad always have been an invariably, one of the most reputed Market Leaders aspiring integral principles, renowned for their honesty, quality and above all else their incredible and unparalleled Services.